Saturday, July 4, 2009

Under-30 Delegates - Our Future Leaders

Honoring our under-30 delegates was a real crowd-pleaser today at our July 4th celebration. Smiling, waving, and cheering from the stage, the young delegates gave us a glimpse of our future. And it was energizing.

They are a smart, thoughtful group of young people.

Take Betsy Cragg, for example. The elementary school teacher from Greenwich, Connecticut, is here enjoying her first national RA. Already a veteran of two state RAs, she feels she now understands the NEA political process.

This week she has felt totally supported by her Connecticut colleagues--and now today, her RA colleagues. Being asked to come on stage was a real surprise. "It was nice to know that everyone is happy to have us here," said Betsy. "It was very welcoming."

This is an especially exciting year to be attending an RA, when a Connecticut teacher, Tony Mullen, is the national teacher of the year. "Maybe that will be me some day," she said.

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