Friday, July 3, 2009

Meet America's Greatest Education Governor!

After increasing teacher pay and education funding in his state and making good on his pledge to provide children in New Mexico with quality public schools, Gov. Bill Richardson won America’s Greatest Education Governor award from the NEA Representative Assembly today, an honor he called, “one of the greatest I’ve ever received.”

( Photo/ Scott Iskowitz/ RA TODAY)

In presenting the award to Richardson, NEA President Dennis Van Roekel remarked that, “In every election there’s at least one candidate who promises to be the education governor but once the election is over the promises are too often forgotten.”

Not Bill Richardson. He’s delivered.

Richardson, a former U.S. Congressman, United Nations ambassador, Energy Secretary and presidential candidate who was making his second appearance before an NEA Representative Assembly, called on delegates to close achievement gaps, increase parental involvement, and work toward reform of the No Child Left Behind law.

“Let’s not forget, No Child Left Behind must either be fixed or terminated,” Richardson said. “That was my promise when I became Governor and it is still important to me today,” he proclaimed – to rising applause from delegates.

As New Mexico’s governor since 2002, Richardson created the position of state secretary of education, delivered a $600 million increase in education funding, and reinstated collective bargaining rights to public employees. At the same time, New Mexico implemented full-day kindergarten, increased access to quality pre-K programs, and brought back elementary physical education.

NEA President Dennis Van Roekel,right hands Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico the Governor Award at the 147th Annual Meeting 2009 in San Diego.( Photo/ Scott Iskowitz/ RA TODAY)

“What’s even better is we’re not finished. Stay tuned, hold on to your hats, because once again I am going to be bold and I’m going to need your support," Richardson said. “Just like in the early days, I expect push back. There are those who will say we can’t afford more reforms right now. But just as I answered critics then, I say we can’t afford not to.”


  1. watch the money that will "some how" roll into new mexico...

  2. watch the $$$$ roll into new mexico...