Sunday, July 5, 2009

In memoriam: Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller, wife of NEA Director Gary Miller from Illinois, suffered a fatal head injury yesterday after falling from a pedi-cab. Gary's family has joined him in San Diego.

Gary, his family and IEA thank you for all of your expressions of sympathy and support.

Sharon was a retired first grade teacher, was active in her IEA-retired chapter, and, was a substitute teacher. Gary and Sharon have two daughters, Missy and Alison.

Alison is a teacher in Illinois and mother of their first granddaughter, 5 week old Katelyn.

The IEA State Caucus will collect donations to assist with the family expenses. Any excess funds will be donated to: IEA-R, Abe Lincoln Chapter, College Scholarship Fund in honor of Sharon Miller.

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  1. Williamsville Education Association members wish to thank all those at the NEA convention for helping our good friend and co-worker, Gary Miller, through this tragedy. Those of us in the Williamsvile-Sherman school district, while feeling helpless and lost because of the distance involved, are grateful that there are so many people to support Gary and his daughters in our absence. We have lost a dear friend in Sharon. The world is a sadder place without her.

    Fran Williams

  2. Well said, Fran. I hope the Millers know that there are many, many families in Central Illinois keeping them in our prayers. We wish there was more that we could do. Vivian Lefferts and famliy